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Hi class! My name is Kim Contreras and Welcome to my Website. I can’t wait to start this English Learning journey with you

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Teacher : Kim Contreras

Degree : BA & MA in Tesol


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 I started playing around with the idea of sharing my passion with English language learners outside of my physical classroom in February of 2020. I wanted a way to reach more students than the ones who I saw every day. That is when I came upon the idea of Kim’s Class.  Over the last four months, I have planned, recorded, and edited, (with lots of help from my family), more than sixty 10-20-minute videos. As of June of 2020 I have 22k Facebook followers and 2k Youtube subscribers. I am in the process of building LIVE worksheets that match the activities I have in my videos. Soon I hope to have multiple units of many different levels available on this site. Stay tuned! But until then thank you for allowing me to go on this journey with you to learn English. 

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About Me

Hi class! My name is Kim Contreras and I started my teaching journey almost two decades ago. I have a BA in education and a MA in TESOL. I have worked as a full-time English teacher at both the high school and the college level for almost 20 years

Kim Contreras